Different Types of Water Pipe

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Feeling like an old skool beaker water pipe is more your style? You might want to try TAG’s 12″ Beaker water pipe, a simple, classic beaker bottom style that hearkens back to the great ol’ scientific glass of the ’70s. With a nicely diffused downstem and a light, grippable style that features an ice pinch, it’s really the best available glass beaker water pipe you can buy. Oh, and the 9mm thickness of the glass? Not a typo. Thick Ass Glass pipes are simply the thickest, most high quality glass water pipes you’ll find.

F18y-WP-240-7443G--0_1024x1024 (1)There are no plastic water pipes

at TAG. Everything we sell, from classics like this 12″ Gravity pipe to mini dab rigs like this 7″ showerhead pipe all the way up to this massive 30″ beaker bottom style, are borosilicate glass,

which is also often known as “scientific glass”. No shortcuts here. Just thick, high quality glass.

TAG – 18″ BEAKER 50X7MM – 18/14 DOWNSTEM

Height: 18.5″

Joint Size: 18MM Female

Downstem Length/Type    5.5″ – 18/14MM Downstem

Slide Size: 14MM Male

Thickness: 7MM

Base Thickness: 6MM

Base Diameter: 5.75″

Main Can Size/Length: 6.5″

Neck Tube Size/Length: 50x7MM – 12.00″

Weight (lb): 3.22


SKU: F18y-WP-240-7442B

Height: 14.25″

Joint Size: 18MM Female

Joint Thickness  4MM

Downstem Length/Type: N/A

Slide Size: 18MM Male

Thickness: 5MM

Base Thickness: 16MM

Base Diameter: 4.50″

Main Can Size/Length: 65x5MM – 8.25″

Neck Tube Size/Length: 25x4MM – 7″

Weight (lb): 1.99lb


Phone Number : (215) 394-5156

Business Email : info@thickassglass.com

Website: https://www.thickassglass.com/


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